We often get asked why we sing the songs that we do,

and our answer is best illustrated by the words of a great song by songwriter Bob Zentz:

I wouldn’t sing ‘em if I didn’t like ‘em, I wouldn’t like ‘em if I didn’t care.
I wouldn’t care if you didn’t listen, but there’s a lot of good songs out there.
Some songs are just like the people I know, some people like the songs I sing,
And I never sang a song that I didn’t love, or no song that didn’t love me

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... And here are some of the songs we currently like singing:
Across the Great Divide - Kate Wolf
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy - Trad/M Gurnham
All my troubles - Katherine Fear
Caledonia - Dougie McLean
Carolina Pines - Kate Wolf
Down in the mines - Merle Travis
Follow Me Home - Jonny Dyer
Four strong winds - Ian Tyson
Give yourself to love - Kate Wolf
Glory Train - Katherine Fear
Hold on to me babe - Richard Farina
I'm gonna do it all - Karine Polwart
John Ball - Sidney Carter
Just as the tide was flowing - Trad (Arr M Gurnham)
Leaving Nancy - Eric Bogle
Making whoopie - Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn
My Donald - Owen Hand
Not the Tennesee blues - Katherine Fear
Now I Am Going Home - Joyce Squire
Peaceful easy feeling - Jack Tempchin
Poor Daisy Bell - Katherine Fear
Shine On - John Richards
Summer before the war - Hugh Williams
Summerfly - Cheryl Wheeler
Summertime - George Gershwin
The Blackleg Miner - Trad/M Gurnham
The Blue Cockade - Trad (Arr M Gurnham)
The Dutchman - Michael Peter Smith
The Miners Lifeguard - Trad/M Gurnham
The speed and the sound of loneliness - John Prine
Three foot seam - Trad/M Gurnham
Where have all the flowers gone - Pete Seeger/M Gurnham


Here is a link to a live recording of some of a night we did in Coventry some time back!